16 weeks
YEAR 1 Units 1-4  Beginner Piano Lessons.

We will be working on learning to play piano from the very beginning, developing note reading and coordination as we go. 

If you are an experienced beginner and have completed Unit 4, please check for the 8 week Piano-chording bootcamp

Your class fee includes:
- Bi-weekly live classes (every other week) January 13-May 4, 2020
- Direction (emails) from Lisa, progressing through the materially in a set pace.
- Private Facebook group - designed for sharing questions, videos, practice questions, performances, camaraderie and more.
- Live teacher interaction during the live class and also during the week, using the online Facebook group
- Personalized practice tips and advice in the live lessons
- Extra practice pieces for enrichment.
- Recorded class replays for a full year
- Drills and resources to enhance your learning.
- More details: visit PianoVideoLessons.com

This class will follow the existing YEAR 1 curriculum and pre-recorded videos.  The class will be guided by Lisa and enriched according to student need.  The class will be tailored to the individual needs of the students who participate in the class.

Need more info?  Visit the Website and get all the details:  PianoVideoLessons.com Online Piano Classes

*Minimum registration required for the class to run.