WooCommerce Drip 1.2.9 Extension

WooCommerce Drip 1.2.9 Extension

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WooCommerce Drip Extension Version : 1.2.9

WooCommerce Drip Integration: Integrates your Drip Email Marketing account with your WooCommerce store. Get actionable data on your customers and subscribers.

WooCommerce Drip Integration: Why You Need It

Are you using Drip Email Marketing? WooCommerce Drip Integration integrates your WooCommerce store to your Drip email marketing account in useful ways.

After a sale is made in your WooCommerce store, Drip Email Marketing does the following:
A goal conversion is registered in Drip.
An event is recorded in the subscriber’s customer ‘history’
Lifetime value of the customer is updated.
The ‘name’ custom field in Drip will be populated with the customer’s name.
The subscriber is tagged as a ‘customer’
Products the subscriber has purchased are recorded.

WooCommerce Drip Integration: Let WooCommerce Customers Subscribe to Drip!

This Extension supports the addition of a subscription checkbox letting your customers easily subscribe to your Drip email campaigns.

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