Retro Keys (Mac OSX Audio Unit plugin)

please note: you will receive a Mac OSX Audio Unit file. This software is indented for Mac OSX 32bit/64bit (DAW-host required). Retro Keys | Retro Electric Piano Synthesizer " Retro Keys " is a vintage inspired Electric Piano Synthesizer plugin. Its samples are custom made and programmed on subtractive hardware synthesizers. The sound is completely original as a result. There are 3 models available. Each model has a separate vibrato sound control. A level meter displays the overall output gain. SOUND PATCHES In essence, "Retro Keys" is a single 61 key instrument, playing 6 fixed sound patches simultaneously. These sound patches can be mixed with the dedicated volume knobs. SAMPLING ENGINE This plugin uses 93 samples in total for “soft, bright I, bright II”. And another 48 samples for “vib I, vib II, vib II. This makes 141 samples in total. The samples have been recorded from custom made patches programmed on subtractive hardware synthesizers.
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