How to open a salon with less than $10k " The blueprint to opening a successful salon"

During my time of opening my salon I felt like there was no one there to guide me and really show me how to do things. I had to learn through trial and error and very costly mistakes. I vowed that I would not allow another person to go through these types of issues. It’s only the right thing to do by showing someone else the ins and outs of what I learned.

I know this book will guide you through and gives you a much smoother transition into BOSS-NESS! I like to be honest and up front. This book is written word for word by me. I feel like I can be blunt and speak in my normal tone so its better received. I wanted this book to be all substance instead of jibber jabber. So sit back, grab a note book because you will need it, and enjoy the ride to salon ownership.
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