XACC 280 Week 2 Assignment - Journalizing, Posting and Preparing a Trial Balance (message)

Assignment: Journalizing, Posting and Preparing a Trial Balance
• Complete P2-2A on p. 81 of Financial Accounting, using the templates in Appendix C for answers. Each part of the problem corresponds to one tab in Appendix C. Complete all 3 tabs of Appendix C.
• Write a message of 250 to 400 words that justifies what you did in Appendix C. This message constitutes part d of the assignment. Address your message to your creditors and explain:
o The general goals of financial reporting
o The steps you took in the recording process
o How the steps you took support the principles of accounting
Post your message and the completed Appendix C as an attachment.

To whom it may concern;
Using appendix C, I was able to follow the Accounting Equation and register all of the given transactions from P2-2A on p. 81 of Financial Accounting. It did take some time getting used to recording the transactions in the correct side of the equation, but after some research, I was able to make the equation balance. Appendix C was very helpful in my quest to understand the fundamentals of journalizing, posting, and preparing a trial balance and it has helped me with the basics of accounting. This was a very basic journal but it was also laid out simple and precise to ensure that I did not have any doubt about my work.
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