Misplace / Reach (Vexity Client)

Misplace / Reach (Vexity Client)



- We all know what an autoclicker is. Has fake jitter sounds and randomized cps.

Hit Delayer - Get random delayed reach hits, looks like you're from EU. Makes you a god pretty much.

Misplaced Reach - Misplaces your reach to look legit.

Humanized Aimbot - Takes tests on your aim during a fight and makes it better pretty much.

Screenshare Proof: Uses advanced methods to ensure safety when going through a screenshare. 

Ultimate Bypass: Bypasses any anticheat currently.


Misplaced reach is for youtubers or people who want to look completely legit but still destroy the opponent. 

Here's a little run-down of what misplaced reach actually does:

It works just the same as normal reach yet from your point of view it looks as if you're getting legit hits. Perfect for recording.

How it works can not be explained as it's extremely private, hense the reason I'm only selling 10 copies.

People who use it?:

Currently bcz, Zuiy and a couple other known people use this client. When you watch bcz's videos and you see a reach hit it's usually just because he's "EU" right? It's actually the client hit delay feature. Gets random reach hits that look completely delayed!

3/5 Copies, Buy yours now before they run out!
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