THEO 104 quiz 3 Liberty University complete answers versions.PDF

THEO 104 quiz 3 Liberty University complete answers versions

THEO 104 quiz 3 Liberty University complete answers versions

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LUO TA and professor guide versions all the solutions are here.


  1. Question 1

  2. By Jesus claiming to be the “bread of life,” He is claiming to be God.

  3. Question 2

  4. We know that Jesus is God because…

  5. Question 3

  6. Jesus claims to be the “I AM” of the Old Testament.

  7. Question 4

  8. Which religion considers Jesus to be divine, but does not affirm the Trinity and believes that Jesus was created at a point in time.

  9. Question 5

  10. Which apostle presents the clearest picture of Jesus’s claims to deity?

  11. Question 6

  12. Though Jesus was human, he never got hungry, thirsty, or tired since he was God.

  13. Question 7

  14. Kenosis is used to describe what?

  15. Question 8

  16. The incarnation is also known as theophanies or Christophanies.

  17. Question 9

  18. The humanity of Christ is not as important as the deity of Christ.

  19. Question 10

  20. Which of the following points to Jesus’ humanity.

  21. Question 11

  22. Jesus did not have to die to provide salvation, but God thought that his death was the best option.

  23. Question 12

  24. The law of God is a list of preferences that he developed that best suited humanity.

  25. Question 13

  26. __________ means to “satisfy wrath.”

  27. Question 14

  28. Jesus never questioned if he had to die on the cross.

  29. Question 15

  30. Even though God is holy, anyone can be in his presence because he is loving.

  31. Question 16

  32. Who pioneered the Minimal Facts Approach?

  33. Question 17

  34. The Lost or Stolen Body Theory is a theory that says Jesus never really died on the cross. Proponents of the view suggest Jesus only appeared to be dead on the cross.

  35. Question 18

  36. The proclamation of the gospel of Jesus’s death, burial, and resurrection are needed because of the sin of humanity.

  37. Question 19

  38. Which of the following is NOT one of the facts addressed by the Minimal Facts Approach?

  39. Question 20

  40. The Resurrection of Christ is one of the few miracles listed in only the gospel of John and the gospel of Luke.

  41. Question 21

  42. The doctrine of Christ’s incarnation is best seen in ____________.

  43. Question 22

  44. Christ’s humiliation starts at the low point of Christ’s crucifixion and has the high point of his eternal glory as the sovereign Lord over his creation.

  45. Question 23

  46. The crucifixion of Christ is the low point of the humiliation of Jesus Christ.

  47. Question 24

  48. What is the final stage of Christ’s exaltation?

  49. Question 25

  50. The humiliation and exaltation of Christ helps to provide the big-picture view of what the Savior of the world has done for us.

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