FIN 467 Week 3 Real Estate Investor Financing

FIN 467 Week 3 Real Estate Investor Financing

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 FIN 467 Week 3 Real Estate Investor Financing

Keeping in mind the property acquired in Week 2:

Find three potential lenders (via Internet and/or local financial institutions).

Obtain information on the real estate investor loans, loan limits, structures, terms, rates, required ratios, and other conditions.




Prepare a table to summarize and compare your findings.  Use rows for each loan characteristic and a column for each lender.


Identify the lender that the team will use to finance its investment.


Determine your loan amount and calculate total principal and interest payments for the next 5 years.


Determine what your outstanding principal will be at the end of 5 years.


Produce a 350- to 525-word paper or 8- to 12-slide presentation using a modality of your choice. Include the following:




why the selected lender was chosen.


what loan terms were most important to the team.


a copy of the lender comparison table and your loan calculations.


Format your submission consistent with APA guidelines

Click the Assignment Files tab to submit as a Microsoft® Word document or Microsoft PowerPoint® presentation.
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