MGT 300 Week 5 DQ 2


"Without a positive organizational culture that stresses ethical behavior regardless of the consequences, employees respond to feelings of pressure and compromise their personal ethical standards to ensure that the job gets done." (Scarborough, 2009, p.740). With as many stresses that come along with working for a company, it is imperative that ethics be implemented into everyday work activity. With so much competition in the area, its easy to try to find loopholes to stay ahead. Show and tell employees of how unethical behavior does not pay off in the long run. Stressing that the bottom line should always remain about the customer and doing the "right" thing is the goal. Ethics training and incentives for the good behavior shown by employees should be a top priority of company owners. Remaining competitive can still be accomplished without sacrificing values. "The values you profess must be aligned with the behaviors you demonstrate (Scarborough, 2009, p. 739). This means, ethical behavior and values must start at the top of the company with the owners, and trickle down. Encourage employees to keep the bottom line and customers in mind with incentives for good behavior. Employees love recognition for good work.
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