ACCT 546week_6 - test

In order to conduct a substantial audit of Apollo Shoes the auditor must obtain a sufficient understanding of the entity and the entity’s environment, including the internal control. The understanding of the entity and its environment helps the auditor in a variety of ways throughout the audit, including establishing materiality, considering appropriateness, and designing audit procedures that can facilitate the growth of Apollo Shoes. Before the auditor can begin the process of conducting the audit of the inventory and warehousing cash cycles, the auditor must prepare the audit plan and program for Apollo Shoes.

Developing the audit strategy and plan aids the auditor in determining the necessary resources to perform the engagement. The auditor must develop a plan in mind that will reduce audit risk to an acceptable level for the inventory and warehousing cash cycle. The audit plan should include a description of nature, timing, and extent of the planned risk assessment procedures. The audit plan and program significantly affects the types and extent of further audit procedures to be used by the auditor in determining whether the financial statements are fairly stated in accordance with the US GAAP. The auditor should consider audit risk in relation to the individual account balances, classes of transactions, and disclosures and relevant assertions of the overall level of the financial statements.
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