Saturday AM #39 (includes Saturday PLUS #15)

BIG ISSUE!!While we got here a little late--it's all worth it!MONSTER SOCIETY of America returns! This hit manga webcomic features some of the coolest and most real teenage superheroes online and art from up and coming talent, Christopher Krady!But that's not all! Issue 39 features more ISLANDERS with slick design by Leonardo Massip. An Interview profiling the EXCEED card game! Finally, it's the return ofBULLY EATER with a special preview of chapter 0 (to be included EXCLUSIVELY within BULLY EATER Vol. 1 Saturday TANK).STILL NOT ENOUGH??!!!???You get the FINAL Saturday PLUS of 2015! Issue 15 includes BETTER OFF IGNORANT, LAWS, BLIND EXPANSION and more!

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