Music may evolve, but it does not progress


3 Kinds of Musicians (3 Dialogues with History / 3 Kinds of Creativity)

1.       Generecists: compose and perform within the codified conventions of a generic style / will not change style and stick with it to the end / most people want to do this, but the majority do not

a.       Mistakes in believing one is following a standard can lead to accidental innovation as the idea is developed

b.      The end result may change despite the fact that all of the rules in part of the code were followed, if the code changes- as result of a social or cultural change

2.       Pastichists: recognized that a new style of music has become popular and so include this in their set as yet another style to be performed as part of a varied repertoire (ex: people who make 'cover' music / wedding or party DJs)

3.       Syntheses: producing new variations by combining existing elements in various ways / most common

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