The Art of profiting from your Art - Workshop and Study Guide

Who should buy?
Visual artists working in all styles and mediums.

Why should you buy?
You will learn how to generate more profitable art sales using concrete and easy to follow recommendations.

What to expect?
In this workshop Liron Sissman, Artist and MBA, distills her years of experience as a successful artist, and as a business person, saving you years of trial and error. Liron will teach you how to maximize your income, how to attract more clients, and what pitfalls to avoid along the way. You will also learn about profitable gallery alternatives and how to successfully leverage them. You will come out of this workshop inspired with a strategy for success and a clear plan of action!

You will learn:

How to effectively introduce yourself and position your artwork
How to create your press kit, become press friendly, and generate buzz
How to build your brand
How to define your target audience, optimize your website to attract your ideal clients and facilitate sales
How to sell your art to the corporate market; consignment free and in multiples
How to work with publishers
How to generate passive income through art leasing
Artwork pricing considerations
How to successfully self publish your art
How to identify and qualify galleries and other venues
Consignment agreements
Common pitfalls to avoid
Resources for artists

This workshop contains a large file. Please download it to your desktop rather than a mobile device. You will be able to sync it with your mobile device later.
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