UE4 steam Leaderboard BP integration

This pack will support you to integration steam leaderboard to your game with BP without any knowledge in C++

* Important note : the code of the leaderboard should rune once peer game session either at the end of the game when the player finish the level or in main menu to upload and show the high score .
* You don't need any C++ knowledge but you still need to have Visual studio to compile the project .
*This might not be the best way to add steam leaderboard but it works fine if you don't know any C++ :)

Technical Details:
48min Video tutorial show you How to:
-add Leaderboard in steam work site for your app id
-integrate steam SDK to your project
-Run the sample project which you can build your game on it .
- Migrate the codes from the sample project to your game project to add Steam Leaderboard feature to your game .
- Switch UE4 version for the sample project to be used in another version of the engine .

-1 project sample contain full functional level with steam leaderboard global and friends working .

UE4 version tested : 4.13 , 4.15 (4.16 works after doing small change below *) , 4.17 & 4.18 not tested and might not work i will update it when i get free time which i don't have right now so please don't buy it if your project is based on 4.17 or above unless you like to tray it.
Number of Actors: 3 main BPactor
Number of widget : 2 main widget
Intended Platform:PC
Platforms Tested:PC
Documentation Included: (Yes\No) Yes video tutorial
Platforms tested:Windows

* how to make it work for 4.16 as steamworkSDK changed from Steamv132 to Steamv139 ?
Answer: 1-go to "project4.15\Source\tst\" and open CSteamLeaderboards.h file then change this "Steamv132" to this "Steamv139" save and close
2-Then delete everything in the main folder of the project except these folders "Config,Content,Source" and  "yourproject.uproject"
3-rightclick and chose switch unreal engine version and pick 4.16. then compile.

support link : please contact my facebook page to get fast response : https://www.facebook.com/UE4-Stuff-337868729971426/
Or use offical form of UE4 :https://forums.unrealengine.com/unreal-engine/marketplace/125122-ue4-steam-leaderboard-bp-integration
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