Unfathomable - The Debut Stage Show

A fascinating demonstration of Two Person Telepathic Communication that defies all natural rules. Introducing 'The Deans' who are the true masters of invisible communication and wonder.

Filmed live at the BULL Theatre in London England, in the company of Debbie McGee, Professor Richard Wiseman, Professor Caroline Watt, The Mayor and Mayoress or Barnet, members of The Magic Circle and readers of Magic Week Magazine, thisis Unfathomable.

The Deans are inspired by the 1949 ESP act, 'The Piddingtons', who fooled the world with their demonstrations of thought transference. 70 years on, their secrets are fully revealed in the book by Martin T Hart titled 'Piidington's Secrets'.

There are NO electronic devices, stooges, secret assistants, camera tricks or magical gimmicks used in this show.

Written by Eddie Dean & Margot Fox. Technical consultation by David Berglas. Stage Director; Amanda Noar. Created by; Martin T Hart.

This DVD is filmed straight through the camera to give you that 'being there' feel. No fancy sound work has been added or enhanced.
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