CJHS410 Week 5 Intervention Response Plan

CJHS 410 Entire Course
CJHS410 Week 5 Intervention Response Plan

The chief of police of the local police
department has approached your team to develop an Interagency Mental Health and
Crisis Intervention Response Plan that includes local, state, and federal
crisis intervention agencies and other emergency and private resources for the
purpose of responding to a terrorist event or natural disaster. The chief has
informed you that he is concerned that many cities, including his own, do not
have a written mental health response plan for critical incidents.


Create a 10-
to 15-slideMicrosoft® PowerPoint® presentation
to present to the chief of police that details your interagency Mental Health
and Crisis Intervention Response Plan. Consider demographics, resources, and
needs of the department and community while creating the plan.

Include the
following in your presentation:

  • Introductory
    section on the various types of critical incidents and their physical,
    financial, and societal effect on victims, first responders and
    communities and how this plan can address that impact.

  • What local, state,
    and federal Human Service Delivery organizations you would choose to be a
    part of this plan and why you specifically chose these organizations.

  • Outline of the
    specific mental health and crisis response for a critical incident
    discussing the various types of possible critical incidents that this plan
    would apply to.

  • What the specific
    crisis response duties of those individual organizations will be in the
    event of a terrorist attack or major catastrophic event and how they will
    work with your department in responding to a critical incident.

If one organization should be the lead in the event, and
how that responsibility would be decided

Include a
minimum of three academic references.
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