RestaurantBillCalculator and StringExperiment java programs

Using String Methods

Create a new class with a main method called
Remember to include required comment blocks
Declare three String variables called: firstName, middleName, and lastName
Initialize each with your names
Do each of the following:

Print your full name with a space between each name.
First Middle Last
Print your first name, middle initial followed by a period, and last name.
First M. Last
Print your first name in all uppercase letters and last name in all lowercase letters.
FIRST last
Print the length of your last name. Be sure to give it a label.

Length of last name = 4
Calculate the middle position in your last name and print the letter that is there. If your name has an even number of letters, it will be one to the right of the middle.

Print the last letter in your first name.
Compile, debug, and run.

Create a new Java class named RestaurantBillCalculator.
Complete the comment blocks as required for every program. Add an appropriate description in the Javadoc class comment.
Declare all the variables at the top of the main method. Use descriptive variable names. Declare the following:
a double constant for tip percentage set to 15%. Hint: Review the rules for naming constants.
a double constant for tax rate set to 7.5%
a double variable to hold the meal cost. Set the value to $45.75.
three double variables to hold the tax, tip amount, and total amount.
Initialize each to zero.
Write Java statements to calculate the following:
tax by multiplying meal cost by tax rate
tip amount by multiplying meal cost by tip percentage
total bill amount which is the combination of meal cost, tax, and tip amount
Display the information in the following format: (Note: Don’t worry about trying to format to two decimal places yet. You will learn how to do that soon.)
Meal Cost: $45.75
Tax: $3.43125
Tip: $6.8625
Total amount: $56.043749999999996
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