CMC 240 Week 1 Identifying and Eliminating Bias

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CMC 240 Week 1 Identifying and
Eliminating Bias

Read the front page of The
Kelsey Gazette.

Choose one of the headline

Write a 350- to 700-word paper
in which you discuss potential bias in the story you selected and ways you can
avoid bias as you do your own research. Address the following:

  • Identify the
    bias and unethical use of information.

  • What
    criteria could you use to improve the credibility of this story?

  • Rewrite the
    story to eliminate the bias. Your audience is a general audience made up
    of men and women of varying education levels.

  • How would
    you adapt your message to an audience made up exclusively of college

  • Explain how
    you adapted the message to the new audience.

  • Discuss
    potential areas of bias associated with your specific topic.

Format your paper consistent
with APA guidelines.
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