Emotional Uplifting Fantasy Music - Dreaming Of Love

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Song : Emotional Uplifting Fantasy Music - Dreaming of Love
Year : 2015
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Hello Everyone,

Here is my story, An Emotional Uplifting Fantasy piece inspired by many moments of my life experiences . As always my songs are all my own lifetime experiences Happy/Sad moments of my life , I translate all these moments with my music and I am sharing them with you , On this particular piece I had in my mind a sad and melancholic atmosphere but at the end it turned out to be a very happy and uplifting song which has also a taste of Fantasy elements inside .

Imagine Alice in Wonderland and kids running into the woods and the field , this is what I see at the end with this music , Feel free to let me know what story can you imagine behind of this music , I would really like to hear it :)

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