Bus370 dis 2 wk 2

I have had experience with consultants such as, financial consultants, insurance consultants, and medical consultants.  The most interesting was an Ayurvedic medical consultant she had an amazing way of looking at health and combining food.  I learned a lot and still use the philosophy today to stay fit and healthy. I have also been a consultant with my current and previous employers.  I currently work full-time in a Spin Studio and I act as a consultant for the activity of spinning.  Many people do not understand the concept or the purpose of spinning.  I have influence over those people that are interested and explain why the activity is appropriate; I also explain why the activity is less appropriate to those that should not participate.   The individual always makes the final decision based off of my recommendation.  I have also acted as a consultant for Office Depot in their Copy & Print department and for the credit union that I managed in the past. 
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