Project #2: MyStack

Project #2: MyStack

Project #2


In this project you will add methods to an existing linked list class and
make a stack to solve the balanced symbol problem.

Part 1

Modify the author's "MyLinkedList" class to add the following methods:

15 points each (a-e)

a. swap
receives two index positions as parameters, and swaps the nodes at
these positions by changing the links, provided both positions are
within the current size

b. shift
receives an integer (positive or negative) and shifts the list this
many positions forward (if positive) or backward (if negative).
1,2,3,4 shifted +2 3,4,1,2
1,2,3,4 shifted -1 4,1,2,3

c. erase
receives an index position and number of elements as parameters, and
removes elements beginning at the index position for the number of
elements specified, provided the index position is within the size
and together with the number of elements does not exceed the size

d. insertList
receives another MyLinkedList and an index position as parameters, and
copies the list from the passed list into the list at the specified
position, provided the index position does not exceed the size.

e. main
add code to the main method to demonstrate each of your methods

Part 2

Create a MyStack class that uses an ArrayList to make a stack.
Use your MyStack class to demonstrate the nested symbol algorithm as given.
Balancing the braces
Given an expression like this, [({})], an algorithm to check the balanced braces is as follows.
a) Push each opening symbol on to a stack.
b) For each closing symbol, pop the stack and if the symbol popped is not matched with the opening symbol, report an error.
c) When done, the stack should be empty.
Return true if the braces are balanced or else return false

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