Prodbyjack Sample Pack 2018

Inside this pack contains two folders, the first folder has the samples in their original format with no changes made labelled by name which can be found easily on youtube. This will help you find samples in the future as it gives you some ideas on what to search for and where to look. The second folder contains the samples i flipped to give you some inspiration on how to flip the original samples in this pack and any others in the future. You can also use my samples in your beats or as a starting point in any other beats. My samples are all labelled by tempo and key so you can easily use them. The samples come in WAV format so can be used on windows and mac. All of the samples are also high quality and this pack is great as it will increase your knowledge of sampling and also save you time looking for samples in the future as all of the samples in this pack have been used by me so you dont have to spend time looking through it to find ones you you want to use. Hope you guys enjoy :)
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