25 Tenor banjo tunes arranged from Scottish lute manuscripts

Beautiful music from Scotland arranged for the tenor banjo. Standard notation plus TAB.

Before the mandolin came to Scotland, there was a small lute equivalent called the mandore or mandour (for a dour man!). The Skene manuscript from the first half of the 17th century is for mandour, and it contains many good dance pieces and airs, most of which fit perfectly well on a modern tenor banjo.

1. Alace Yat I Came Owr The Moor (Skene) 

2. To Dance About The Bailzeis Dubb (Skene)

3. The Flowres Of The Forrest (Skene) 

4. My Ladie Laudians Lilt (Skene) 

5. Jennet Drinks No Water (Skene) 

6. I Mett Her In The Medowe (Skene) 

7. Blew Breiks (Skene) 

8. The New Highland Ladie (Balcarres) 

9. The Old Duke if Loraines March (Balcarres) 

10. The New Duke of Loraines March (Balcarres) 

11. Sweet Willie (Balcarres) 

12. My dearie, an thou dye (Balcarres) 

13. Lillybullaro (Balcarres) 

14. Lady Lothian’s Lilt (Panmure 5) 

15. Courante and Double (Panmure 5) 

16. Rhona’s Tune (Pickering) 

17. The Canaries (Straloch) 

18. I Dare Not Vowe I Love Thee (Skene) 

19. Shoe Looks As Shoe Wold Lett Me (Skene) 

20. Canaries (Skene) 

21. Lady Cassilles Lilt (Skene) 

22. The Lass O Glasgowe (Skene) 

23. I Serve A Worthy Ladie (Skene) 

24. She Mowpitt Comming Owr The Lie (Skene) 

25. Joy To The Personne (Skene) 

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