Ionic2 Calendar

(x)Cross Mobile Engine: Ionic2 Calendar Component

- That project support base calendar directive with Month, Week, Day views that can easy to integrate with your mobile app.

- It's just for fun and expose a part my research on calendar processing with Google Calendar, Apple Calendar, iCalendar, etc.

- Some source in that library should be easy to apply but maybe hard to extends to adapt on what you need. It's a message for user want developer extend that library and think about it does 80% work. The rest, 20% hardest things for your developer so should play nice:

[Read more]( about **source code**, **class** used in this repository.

Getting Started

# Clone the repository into xmobe/ui folder
npm install ionic2-calendar2 --save


# app.module.ts
import { CalendarModule } from 'ionic2-calendar2';
imports: [

# *.html

Calendar Month View
- Flex base UI (not table).
- Expose date object directly for later use.
- You can config moment locale from outside to localize calendar information.

Calendar Week View
- will update with (50 stars)

Calendar Day View
- will update with (150 stars)

Todo List
- [x] ~~Not directive or reusable component yet.~~ (updated 5th Aug 2016)
- [x] Configuration
- [x] Swipe to change Month, Week, Day view
- [x] npm install and use

cli packages: (/usr/local/lib/node_modules)

@ionic/cli-utils : 1.19.0
ionic (Ionic CLI) : 3.19.0

Node : v8.4.0
npm : 5.5.1
OS : macOS Sierra

backend : pro

Common Errors
# lack moment

  • npm install moment --save

# lack next previous month buttons

  • npm install font-awesome --save

# Oganize font-awesome resources in your ionic2 project to meet your desire.

├─ src
 | └─ assets
 | ├─ fonts
 | └─ font-awesome
└─ ...

- Quang Anh LE (Arkay Lee)

- 26th Nov 2017: update dependencies angular 5.0.0, ionic 3.9.2
- 17th Nov 2017: update dependencies Common Errors
- 31th Oct 2017: update dependencies angular 4.4.4, ionic 3.8
- 23th Oct 2017: update dependencies log4js, angular 4.3.1
- 20th Oct 2017: update new source base 0.1.3, new UI look n feel
- 18th Nov 2016: update npm version 0.0.1
- 6th Aug 2016: update template.

Thank Kenneth Hou for an inspired calendar style
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