Required Elements

Required Elements for Part One:
• Using the facts that have been provided and research on the toy industry create the SWOT analysis for Keith.
• provide a detailed explanation as to what considerations led to the determination that certain facts should be classified as “strengths” while others were classified as “weaknesses.” In other words, it’s not enough to simply list various strengths and weakness, but instead explain “why” these facts were included in the analysis.
• Lastly, select the best long term planning decision for Keith's approval. In this report, explain the analysis and factors used in evaluating the vision, mission, long-term goals and SWOT analysis of the company that led to the conclusions that formed the basis of the decision that Keith would recommend to the Long-term Planning Committee.
Required Elements for Part Two:
• From the list provided, generate three lists. The first list should be a selection of “appropriate” short-term goals. The second list should be a selection of “appropriate” objectives. The third list should be those other goals and objectives that have been abandoned.
• Demonstrate the difference between “goals” and “objectives”.
• Clearly explain their reasoning for the selection (of certain goals and objectives) and the abandonment of others. This analysis will be very helpful to Keith Wisternick and the Board of Directors of Galaxy Toys, Inc.

For this assignment students will:
Create a SWOT analysis and provide a detailed explanation of what considerations led to the determination of the SWOT components. make recommendations and explain what factors were considered in making the recommendations.
For Part One essential items to address include:
* Create a SWOT analysis using elements in the case and the course material. Please go beyond listing simply out each area of the SWOT analysis, please analyze each element giving a thorough description and well thought analysis.
* A detailed analysis and the considerations must be thoroughly addressed to include strengths and weaknesses. Explain why each element was chosen.
*planning decision - include in your analysis each of the factors was used to develop this decision, this will go forward to the Long term planning committee.
Part Two:
You are asked to develop three different list from the information that is given
*List one - “appropriate” short-term goals.
*List two - selection of “appropriate” objectives.
*List three - other goals and objectives that have been abandoned.
Please give the difference between goals and objectives and give reflection. This analysis should be given in the content of the Board of Directors for Galaxy Toys, Inc.
Other general tips:
Please go beyond initial explanation. Your analysis should be a thorough reflection, bringing in examples to support your answers. Citations should be used, but in support of your analysis. Citations are not a substitution of your analysis, but rather a support mechanism.
Watch spelling and grammar, ensure your assignment is not submitted in draft format.
All citations should be in APA format.

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