Me Too: Extraordinary Everyday Stories That Connect Us

Me Too: Extraordinary Everyday Stories That Connect Us

This audio version of "Me Too" is read by the author, Tim Cusack.

"Amazing insight and perspective for everyday situations"  Nicole
"Timeless Wisdom” Dr. Ted Klontz, best selling author

Have you ever....been so happy you cried...felt awkward and embarrassed...regretted not saying something...found unexpected joy helping others...learned a profound lesson from a child...had a near death experience...lost someone you love... ME TOO....

This book of true stories captures touching, spiritual and funny moments that can be found all around us They are observations from the life of a man, who, through his work as a speaker, actor, and volunteer has had captivating experiences that unveil the ordinary grace found in everyday moments. They will leave you thinking, “Me too.”

“Tim Cusack writes a collection of short stories that instill hope, laughter and inspiration. I enjoyed it immensely and have already passed it on for others to read. Terese
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