SEO Tactics to Turbo Charge Traffic and Profits

This eBook is a hard-hitting guide that gives you the information to help improve your website’s search rankings and benefit from the increase in search
traffic. Search Engine Optimization or SEO is simply the act of manipulating the pages of your website to be easily accessible by search engine spiders. A spider is a robot that search engines use to check millions of web pages very quickly and sort them by relevance.

The art and science of understanding how search engines identify pages that are relevant to a query made by a visitor and designing marketing strategies based on this is called search engine optimization. Search engines offer the most cost effective mechanism to acquire “real” and “live” business leads. It is found that in most cases, search engine optimization delivers a better ROI than other forms such as online advertisements, e-mail marketing and newsletters, affiliate and pay per click advertising,
and digital campaigns and promotions.
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