Miss Hu Long to Pixie Haircut in Steps

Cute Miss Hu has very dark long silky hair. She will be getting her hair cut short in this video.

But first, we made various styles on her long hair: pigtails, double braids, high ponytail, half ponytail, side parts. Next, we straightened her hair, and trimmed the ends blunt.

We give her unique asymmetric styles along the way, cutting only one side at a time. Here are the steps:

Right side cut to shoulder length.
Left side bangs cut to eyebrow length.
Right side cut to chin length bob.
Left side undercut buzz.
Right side cut to lip length bob and undercut buzz.
Left side cut to chin length bob.
Right side bangs cut to eyebrow length.

Then, we cut them even in stages:

Nose length bob.
Mushroom style.
Pixie style.

She played with her cut hair on the floor at the end. Her big smile on her face showed that she enjoyed her makeover and final style.

This video is scripted and sponsored by Hair2U, and produced by 51Hair.

Video length: 94 min
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