ITM 501 Arnn Module5 Case Study


            All companies have a wealth of information that exists in the form of computer files, endless paperwork, employee experience, or some other sort of data storage device.  If this information is collected, sorted, and used properly, can reveal a wealth of business knowledge to the members of the company.  Business intelligence and data mining software are some of the commonly used applications that allow an organization to maximize its ability to store and share this kind of knowledge.  Computer hardware and system software are the medium in which many information technology programs take shape.  They must be managed and updated by technicians trained accordingly and, therefore, many companies develop an in-house IT department for just this reason.  All of these components, the hardware, software, and IT managers, are tailored based on the particular system that is designed for a business.  The process used to create this system is essential to the success of an IT department and benefits that the company experiences from its implementation. 
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