Maia's Asymmetrical Bob with Clippered Pattern Side - VOD Digital Video on Demand

Maia is a student who wants to have an awesome haircut for her final year. She talks about her hair maintenance and about the upcoming haircut. Soon she takes a seat in the vintage barber chair, where she gets a neck strip around her neck, and a blue nylon cape fastened around her. Her long brunette hair is combed out. Her bare feet just barely reach the foot rest. Her hair is separated nearly in half, and a pink Oster clippers with a guard buzzes nearly half the hair on one side of her head. Once the clippers have finished, the stylist, James William, takes out a portable little clippers to create a design on the buzzed side of Mia's head. Then her hair is combed over so it looks like Maia's hair hasn't been touched by any haircutting equipment yet. Now it's time to cut the hair into an asymmetrical bob. James picks up a hair shears and cuts the remaining hair about chin length all the way around. He sets the hair somewhere off screen. The shampoo bowl lid is lifted and Maia reclined back into the shampoo bowl for a shampoo, conditioner, and rinse. Her hair is briefly towel dried and combed out with a wide-tooth comb. With a small black comb and shears, James cuts Maia's hair into an asymmetrical bob. Afterwards, the black clippers cleans up Maia's nape. A thinning shears used in the back finishes up the haircut. The cape is unsnapped, the neck strip removed, and the nape once more feels the vibrations of the portable clippers. Maia is dusted, and then she shows off her new haircut. Duration 55 minutes, screen size 720 x 480, format .wmv
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