Spiritual Strength ReCalibrate MP3

Spiritual Strength ReCalibrate 10 Minute Audio Subliminal MP3 Download

Considering that true spirituality deals with all of mankind's pursuits in search of truth and meaning...one meaning of strength would be spiritual elasticity, including but not limited to; flexibility, resiliency, the ability to bounce back, etc   The willingness to go the distance even when things are really really tough.  

After a few listens you'll know you have the endurance to continue on   

Listening Instructions:  1-20  times daily for 49 days  Headphones are optional.   

Audible and Inaudible Spoken Affirmations

My energy is open and flowing in every area of my life   I am living a prosperous life with no limits   I believe in myself and I am unstoppable   I am inexhaustible energy   I honor Infinite divine mind spirit with every thought    Every word every deed   My inner strength is a mighty fortress   I open up every cell in my body    To all the good vibrations of the universe   My life is a reflection of infinite intelligence   Limitless strength Limitless endurance   Each day of my life is a miracle   Each day I receive healing renewal    And regeneration from Infinite Intelligence   Each morning I wake up    Filled with energy and enthusiasm   I am a part of Spirit    Sharing in beautiful energies and higher truths    I am secure in my status   I am being strengthened spiritually   I am a tower of strength and vitality   My strength and perseverance result in lasting endurance   I relax and cast aside all mental burdens   Calmly active and actively calm   I align with divine will   I over flow with vitality   My inner strength increases daily   I nourish this spiritual force   I sustain feelings of self worth   I regain balance   I experience just being   I align myself with spirit   I am living with life   Living with life   Spirit gives me strength today   Spiritual strength   Mental strength   Emotional strength   Physical strength   Increase   I have the strength to continue on   I have the strength to over come   In confidence faith and reassurance    I am renewed in spirit soul and body   I am free with the freedom of spirit   I am a survivor and a thriver   I am at peace now   I flow with my best and highest good
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