Disco Medusae

Discomedusae is an obsolesced class of jellyfish. I'm guessing there was some biology schism back in the day and some crazy jellyfish specialist wrote some sort of definitive work on the animals and everyone had to change their classification. The jerk. I mean, it was probably JUST FINE the way it was! But NOOooo! You had to come along and screw up my perfectly good taxonomy key - rendering it USELESS! Hey jellyfish specialist - guess what? No one cares that much anyway! We're all just placating you until you die, and then everyone is going back to using the old keys, which we could at least figure out! This is a disco tune.
It includes the main track as well as several individual parts so you can make your own mixes.
Disco Medusae - Bass.wav
Disco Medusae - Clav.wav
Disco Medusae - Full Mix.wav
Disco Medusae - Guitar.wav
Disco Medusae - Percussion.wav
Disco Medusae - Synths.wav
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