Sound Energy Room Clearing

Sound Energy Room Clearing

Wow. This one is powerful. it's also on YT.

Clears EMF in your Apartment, Room or Space.

What does this clear?

Electrosmog, EMF, Feng Shui, Insects, Robots, Toxins in Water, Poisonus Gasses, Bad Karma, Past Space Emotional Baggage, Emotions inside the space, Energies of the Space.

Clears the Water, Cleans the Air and Heals the Space and Ground.

Very stabilizing and harmony inducementing.

Play this once or twice every second day, for the energies to integrate.

This is allowing for higher attunement and intunement meaning the sound energy will upgrade it self according to the space needs.

A great tool if you wan't to feel more peace in your house.

Open the windows and share if you like also!
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