Choose a movie, book or TV show

Choose a movie, book or TV show that depicts a character(s) suffering from mental illness. Write 1 paper analyzing a character’s illness in terms of one or more of the theoretical perspectives (biological, psychoanalytic, cognitive-behavioral, biopsychosocial) presented in the text. 1 Describe the character’s diagnosis in terms of the DSM-IV. Make sure to include 2 criteria that the characters meet. 2 Describe 1 perspective(s) of mental illness that best explains the development of the character’s symptoms, along with at least 2 facts to support your position. 3 Describe any treatment received by the character. Describe 2 reasons that you would recommend with 2 supporting facts. Suggested movies; Beautiful Mind, Girl, Interrupted, Fatal Attraction, Sybil, Onr Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest, Play Misty for Me. Suggested T.V shows; Wilford, Perception, Alphas.

Part 2

Describe 1 factor that prevented “good guards” from objecting or countermanding the orders from tough or bad guards. 2. Describe 1 reason why prisoners try to work within the arbitrary prison system to effect a change in it ( setting up a Grievance Committee) rather then trying to dismantle or change the system through outside help. 3. Describe 2 factors would lead prisoners to attribute guard brutality to the guard’s disposition or character, rather then to the situation. 4. Was it ethical to conduct this study? Provide 2 reasons to support your position.

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