BTP- Season 2

Welcome Back! 
Here are my latest lightroom presets I have created over the last 4 months for you to try! 

Things to Know: 

For indoor photos, depending on your lighting setup, you may need to cool down the photo a bit if you feel like its too warm. 

"In The Mill" preset normally needs to be exposed a little bit :) 

We all shoot different, these presets all may need adjusting but youll find it will help TONS! 

I shoot on a Canon 5D Mark Iv with a 35mm 1.4

Shoot RAW not Jpeg :) 

All presets are named after scenerios I have edited! 

#brandontaylorpresets when posting! 
All those who hashtag and tag in the photos will be subscribed to new presets when created.

and be sure to follow me on instagram: @brandontaylor23 and let me know what you think :) 

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