EXPANSION OF LOVE - ERASING THE PAST. In here you will know what it is to be ALIVE & Begin THRIVING. I address current things for many especially the Masculine Twins. This allows for easy release of much of the Deeper and more difficult items to release between Twin Flames. Having a LOT to do with DAILY LIVING WITH EACH OTHER.

When you wish to have a WAY to easily get rid of things between you two, some of which you could not even define as it is not all Earth Level stuff. It is not Caused by each other , yet will be felt in an amplified manner if not properly disposed of! Receiving Light Codes are a part of every Webinar, especially this one!

Acknowledging the Connection is but a part of it all;   getting along and having it be EASY is the KEY!  It's not just an Emotional Experience, ITS ABOUT TO GET VERY PHYSICAL!

Concluding Universal Things for Good - Karma & Living Situations
Grief, Nostalgia, Despair, Suicide, wanting to LEAVE
Sexual Gratification and the Elevated Experience
Proper Releasing of all other unwanted people & things from YOU
Internal Process & Organs affected
8  Exercises & One Specific One to Improve YOUR DIRECT CONTACT WITH YOUR OWN HIGHER SELF!
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