Blue Ray Core Essence Reconnection For Star Seeds and Light Bearers

Blue Ray Core Essence Reconnection For Star Seeds and Light Bearers

This sacred star integration will increase your aura and light body that strengthens your Divine Will, Power, Your Full Potential, Missions on our planet, Latent Spiritual Abilities, Abundance, and Wisdom into every facet of your life. Brings your missing, recovered and essential higher mastery parts of your true essence that were apart of you from the angelic kingdoms, ascended star races and ancient divine people in perfect harmony and grace

Though sound resonance of the ancient sacred technology, your star gate will be activated through the God Code points harmonizing, balancing and integrating your true sacred self.

The Challenge of the star seed and ultra sensitive empathy has been, when you went into isolation, retreat, closing off your aura to protect your self in a world so foreign to your true light You may unknowingly started a process of making your true expression smaller. This slowly created some disconnections to your holy alignment to God and Creation.

This time is different and your full expression and ascension is being called for you to experience the full beauty of Gods love of creation in everyway!

Check out the 'Power of the Power of the Blue Ray' Sacred high frequency Light Workers Amulets worn as jewelry and used a protection peaces and portals to the divine.
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