R U Lucky?

Included with your phenomenal unique package of LUCK are
(in addition to the unparalleled instructions to learn the Laws of Luck and Helen Hadsell's dynamic and life-enhancing video)
are more than 3 ¾ hours of bonus audios...
“Guided Meditations to Become a Manifesting Magnet” (audio) 19 min, 35 sec
“Make Your Dreams Come True” (audio) 16 min, 14 sec
“Unlimited Wealth” Hypnosis (audio) 1 hour, 10 min, 32 sec
5 separate subliminal versions of “Attract Opportunities” (5 audios) 11 min, 12 sec each
“Lucky Talisman Suite” (audio) 30 min
“Attract Luck” hypnosis (audio) 33 min, 50 sec

“How To Attract Good Luck” - 189 pages
“Lucky Once and For All” - 38 pages
“Money Attraction Secrets” - 27 pages
“Living in Balance” - 36 pages
“Magnetizing” - 93 pages
“Positive Abundance – How To Attract Abundance With Positive Thoughts & Abilities” - 118 pages
“Mind Power” - 499 pages

and several more SURPRISE bonuses...
and don't forget – that's all in addition to the 318 pages of deeply-detailed and revealing your Laws of Luck and Helen Hadsell's riveting informational video.

Here are just some of the wonderful chapters included in the Laws of Luck detailed, yet easy-to-follow instruction manual
The Lottery of Life
Luck and Religion
Luck and Science
Luck and Gambling
Luck in Sport
Luck: The Universal Element
Luck in Business
Luck in Everyday Life
Tomorrow It May Be You

You are probably feeling lucky already!

Your dynamic, life-enhancing wealth of materials will be available to you immediately upon receipt of your one-time investment of just $ 13
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