AED222-Impairments in the Classroom


When teaching, teachers will have encounters with students who have certain disabilities. Vision and hearing issues are two prime examples. To help a child with adisability, certain adjustments should be made to such as a typical classroom setting. With the use of technology, we have several opportunities to introduce devices to help further their learning experience.

One type of device that can aid in the classroom for children with a hearing disability are audio books. There is a library, National Library Service for the Blind and Physically Handicapped, that allows individuals to actually download free audio books from partnering websites. I found this to be a great source for teachers who want to bring in extra information into their classrooms. Audio books can be heard on such programs as APH Braille plus Mobile Manager, Humanware Victor Reader System, and LevelStar Icon. With technology being pricing, there are also programs that reach out and assist with fund.
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