PHL 458 Week 4 Critically Thinking Through a Scenario

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PHL 458 Week 4 Critically
Thinking Through a Scenario

On or before Monday, December 12, I
will post a different scenario in each team forum.

  • The team
    will collaborate and use critical thinking to decide what the best
    solution for their issue would be.

  • Together you
    will complete one 350-500 word 'post', which one
    member of the team will copy and paste to the Main Forum (without
    a title page), under the proper designated forum for your team
    (please start with the original scenario so your classmates know what it
    was). Also, post your paper to the team assignment forum
    (which will include a cover page with the names of only the team
    members who participated

  • This
    assignment is due on Friday, December 18 , 2015).

  • Students
    from the other teams will have an opportunity to read and respond to the
    other team's scenario conclusions, which will count towards participation.

  • Remember to
    use critical and creative thinking strategies in your examination of the

  • Have fun!

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