Iterative Interpretations Files

The file you're going to purchase is a zipped package of Grasshopper3d definitions made by Michael Pryor and myself created for the "Iterative Iterpretations" summer workshops hosted in Berlin and Bratislava by 3D Dreaming. All of them are based on the Anemone looping plugin for GH and have been labeled, grouped, and organized for your learning convenience.

- Works with Rhino 5/Grasshopper 0.9.0075 (You will have some problems to open them with older GH releases).
- You will need additional plugins, which you can find in a list below. All of them are free and available to download from

For images of the results created with these definitions during our workshops please see our "Iterative Interpretations" workshop folders on 3D Dreaming at:

Berlin: (Facebook album)
Bratislava: (Facebook album)

List of files (total 24 files) :

Brownian Motion
Brownian Motion
Cellular Automata
Diffusion Limited
Diffusion Limited
Diffusion Limited
Generative Voxel
Generative Voxel
Generative Voxel
Kangaroo Controlled with
Lloyd's and Laplacian
Non Intersect Growth
Non Intersect Growth
Perlin Noise Based
Perlin Noise Grow with
Perlin Noise

Main Plug in & Beginner Tutorials

Anemone -

Additional Plug ins

4d noise -
Horster camera control -
Kangaroo -
Mesh edit -
Mesh tools -
Starling -
Weaverbird -

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