CHAINSAW - Royalty-Free SFX Pack

A real sound of chainsaw, ideal for your video or a game!

This mini-pack comes with everything you will need: Attempt to Start, Start, Idle Loop, Sawing, Sawing End, Chainsaw Off.

Included is also a txt file explaining how to use this sound pack to get the best results and most realistic sound of your CHAINSAW :)

Included for your convenience are High Quality WAV (96kHz/24Bit + 44kHz/16Bit) & MP3 (320Kbps) files.


  • CHAINSAW-Start_Failiure  (0:01)

  • CHAINSAW-Start_Rev  (0:04)

  • CHAINSAW-Idle_Loop   (0:02)

  • CHAINSAW-Idle_Rev   (0:04)

  • CHAINSAW-Cutting_Active   (0:08)

  • CHAINSAW-Idle_End   (0:01)

Thanks for purchasing and good luck with your project!
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