Mixing Console, Base Unit & LCD Bridge (Item #STU-033)

Features: 12+12U Mixing Console, 14U Base Unit, 2-display LCD Bridge. English and metric units.

Two racks and one bridge (38U total) from a single sheet of plywood. The mixing console is a 12+12U configuration, with the top 12U at an angle for comfortable mixing. The 14U base unit is ideal for supporting a table top, or the 2-display LCD bridge (also included.)

The plans PDF file includes four pages of detailed drawings, with complete measurements and construction notes. Drawings include assembled view, detailed front, side, and top or bottom views, and a measured plywood cutting diagram suitable for either professional or at-home milling. File: 684KB PDF.

You'll need: 1 sheet plywood (8' x 4' or 244cm x 122cm), 2 14U rails, 4 12U rails, 8 leveling feet, optionally 4 felt pads. (Parts not included.)
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