Alucard's Face and Nape Shave and Haircut

Just in time for Halloween! Kat vamps it up in this haircut and face & nape shaving video. DJ Alucard from the Sunday Sunday's radio show plays the victim, er, client who comes in for a haircut, face and nape shave, but gets a bit more than he bargained for. After Kat uses the Oster clippers to bring his hair down to a #000000 around the sides and .3 mm on top, Alucard, who is enchanted by his barberette, asks for an even tighter trim around the sides -- a straight-edge razor shave. Once finished, Kat bends down close to inspect her work…at his freshly shaven neck. This is one hair cutting video that is sure to make your blood run. screen size: 720 x 480
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