Module 8 DQ 2

My prospectus tentative topic, what are the experiences of African American custodial grandmother raising their grandchildren. All these studies influenced my design, because I want to do a qualitative phenomenological research design. It helped to really understand the lived experiences of grandparents instead of just learning. The following five research studies are the most directly related to my research topic.

The first study closely related to my topic explores custodial grandparent’s inclination to behavioral interventions that will help their well-being and finances. The study was done by Crowther, Ford & Peterson (2014). They used phenomenological research design which is a qualitative research perspective.

The second study was to understand the different motivations and reasons for grandmothers assuming a caregiving role for their grandchildren. The study was done by Hill (2016). She used grounded theory design which is a qualitative research perspective.

The third study explores how school professionals work with grandparent headed families. The study was done by Lee, Bronstein, Kida & Saastamoinen (2017). They used an exploratory qualitative approach. This study uses a design that is not a GCU Core Research Design.

The fourth study shows the relationship baby boomer grandparents and the multiple roles that they must take especially with raising their grandchildren and taking care of other home duties, work and other family members. The study was done by Young & Denson (2014). They used a correlational research design which is a quantitative research perspective.

The fifth study discuss the joy of grandparents raising their grandchildren. The study was done by Mansson (2016). He used a case study design which is a qualitative research perspective.

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