VIDEO - Folded hair 2


Folded hair is amazing, and if it should be done correctly and look super good, it can only be done with very long hair, such as classic length and longer, and therefore, Kateryna´s hair is perfect to do it with as it is knee length and growing.

Our first folded hair video is amazing, and it features our floor length hair model Alena! It can be found here:

In this video, Kateryna is brushing her hair, making it silky smooth and ready for some amazing hair play and hair folding. She makes several different folded hairstyles and an amazing thick braid at the end of the video.
A folded ponytail, folded braid, and a special folded braid around her neck is made in this video, and those hairstyles are excellent.

Let´s say a girl or woman with very long hair, such as Kateryna should go to a restaurant or any other public place. Let´s say she did not want to have her hair down because it can get tangled and stuck in places. Wearing a folded hairstyle is therefore very smart, and it will still show that the hair is very long. If you see a folded braid that´s waist length, or for example even classic length, you know that the hair is very, very long, so this is a excellent hairstyle without "hiding" the length.

This video also includes a lot of hair play of course, as everyone loves that!

In this video, you will see long hair play and display, hairbrushing, ponytail, folded ponytail, high braided ponytail, folded briaid around neck, folded normal braid, undoing of the braid, and more!

This video is over 13 minutes in length.

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