The Newest Gaming Computer Costs $5000 For A 31-Inch Screen, Two

Scenario: The newest gaming computer costs $5000 for a 31-inch screen, two 1TB hard drive, a metallic case, and a blazing fast processor. Ten years ago, your grandmother gave you $2500. The money has been in a savings CD that earns compound interest of 7.5 percent annually. Write a windows application that allows you to enter the amount of money in your savings account, the interest rate, and a number of years. Display a ListBox object for each year and the amount of money in the account at the end of that year. Determine whether you have saved enough money for the gaming computer. Nonnumeric and negative values should not be accepted. Hint: The formula for compound interest for one year is: Amount = Principal *(1+ Rate). For 10 years of compound interest, this formula should be executed 10 times with the principal increasing to the new amount
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