QNT 351- Team B- Week 2 Assignment- Data Collection

Ballard Integrated Managed Services, Inc. created a study to gain a better understanding of the high turnover rate at Douglas Medical Center (DMC). The data collection has recommendations for Barbara Tucker, general manager, and will help with workplace improvements. The report includes data and recommendations to understand and reduce the company's high employee turnover rate.

            The turnover rate for DMC has been at industry standards of 55 to 60%. However, in the last four months it has risen to over 64%. The use of sick time has increased and a large number of workers waste time daily. Debbie Horner, HR manager, created a survey for workers to express their opinion about the work environment. The survey asked morale and demographic questions to see if it affects the employees' morale. The survey will help find the reason for the high turnover rate.
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