Linde IC-Engined Forkluft Truck 350 Series: H12, H16, H18 Service Training Manual

Original Illustrated Service Training Manual for Linde Forklift Truck 350 Series with Diesel and LPG Engines

Covered models

Format: PDF, 105 pages
Language: English

Table of contents:

Engine specifications (Diesel)
Hydrostatic transmission
     Schematic diagram of the drive unit
     Travel drive specifications
     Hydraulic circuit schematic
     Description of the hydrostatic travel drive
     Flushing of the variable-displacement pump and drive axle
     Power limiter and anti-stall device
     Engine lock-out logic - reversing lock
     Oil reservoir
     Hydraulic remote control unit
Working hydraulic system
     Circuit diagram of working hydraulic system
     Description of the working hydraulic system
Electrical system
     Wiring diagram for Diesel model
Checks and adjustments
     Travel pedals
     Brake pedal
     Bowden cable for parking brake
     Average wheel speed
     Speed control for Diesel model
     Start of drive wheel rotation
     Brake shaft at travel control unit
     Symmetry of the travel control
     Drive wheel start of rotation
     Engine speed increase
     Pressure difference Ap
     Reversing lock
     Line layout for trouble-shooting
     Aids and tools for measurements
     Remarks to trouble-shooting
     Engine hydraulic speed control
     Functional test
     Hydraulic brake system
     Functional test
     Power-assissted steering
     Trouble-shooting without measurement of boost and maximum pressure
     Trouble-shooting with measurement of boost and maximum pressure
     Equal pressure and start of control
     Hydrostatic travel drive
LPG model of IC-engined fork truck H 12/16, type 350
     Engine specifications
     LPG installation
     Operation of vaporizer
     Operation of mixer
     Electrical system
     Electronic ignition
     Electronic speed control
     Wiring diagram
     Checks and adjustments
     Speed control
     Desired value sender
     Engine speed sensor
     LPG mixer
     TSZ-H ignition system
     Switch unit A1
     Hall generator
     Electronoc Control Device
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