Linde Pallet Stacker Type 4525: L20 , 4527: L20AS, 4528: L20i Service Training (Workshop) Manual

Linde Pallet Stacker Type 4525: L20 , 4527: L20AS, 4528: L20i Service Training (Workshop) Manual

Original Illustrated Factory Service Training (Workshop) Manual for Linde Pallet Stacker Type 4525, 4527, 4528.

Original factory manuals for Linde Forklift Trucks, contains high quality images, circuit diagrams and instructions to help you to operate and repair your truck

Covered models:
L20 (4525) from SN F24525S00234
L20AS (4527) from SN F24527S00015
L20i (4528) from SN F24528S00085

Format: PDF, 169 Pages
Language: English


00. General Rules
Reference Legislation
Avoiding Accidents
Safety Precautions
Electric System
Hydraulic System
Disconnections and Connections
01. Introduction
On-the-ground driving
Working Environmental Conditions
Equipment Documentation Kit
02. Technical data
Technical data: 4525
Technical data: 4527
Technical data: 4528
Fork Arm and Forklift Tolerance Table
Forklift Vertlcallty Tolerance Table
Speed Tolerance Table
Inspection and Maintenance Table
Table of Main Screws and their Relevant Tightening Torques
Motor Brush Wear Table
03. Batteries
Battery Dimensions and Weights
Battery Connectors (Socket and Plug)
Additional Socket Kit for Double Shifts (Optional)
Battery replacement
Vertical battery removal
Side battery removal
Battery Fixed / Movable Rack (Optional)
Built-in Rectifier (Optional)
Rectifier code 452218501
Rectifier code 45223531001
04. Equipment Main Casing
Dashboard - Controls - Instrument System
Mushroom-Head Emergency Button
Start-up Switch
I.B.S. + Hour Counter Instrument
I.B.S. + Hour Counter Instrument code 7917294030 / 31
Access Compartment to the Battery Charger Power Supply Cable (Optional)
Motor Compartment Bonnet Removal
Battery Cover Removal
Bonnet and Cover Assembling
Position of the identification plates and stickers
Safety devices
05. Traction Unit
Traction Speed
Traction Stoppage
Traction Motor
Overhaul of reduction gear unit
Assembly diagram with relative tightening torques
Reduction gears code 95325191
Reduction gears code 45202600200 in replacement of 95325191
06. Braking System
Electromagnetic Brake
Electromagnetic Brake Calibration Table
Electromagnetic Brake code 45205000600
Description of the Electromagnetic Brake
Tools to use for E.M.B.
Assembly of the Clutch Disk
Brake Flange Assembling
E.M.B. Assembling Steps
Rubber Protection Assembling
E.M.B. Assembling diagram
Electric (Regenerating) Braking
07. Rollers
Load Rollers
Load Roller Removing
Load Roller Assembling
08. Tiller Unit
Tiller Head Controls
Tiller Casing
Connection Diagram between Tiller Card and COMBI System
Traction Control Butterfly
Traction Accelerator Potentiometer
The Redundant Potentiometer
Lifting and Lowering Control Butterfly
Lifting/Lowering "Accelerator" Potentiometer
Tiller Safety Device Button
Tiller Head Buttons
Tiller Positions
Tiller head assembly
Lifting / Lowering potentiometer diagram
Tiller function diagram
Drive control assembly
Tiller arm button connection diagram for drive control assembly without
serial transmission
Horn code 7918915335
09. Lifting System
Lifting , Lowering and Interlock Devices
Hydraulic Unit Motor
Control Unit: 2,2 KW e 3 KW
Dwgs for the 24v 2.2kw pre-modification and post-modification control units
Dwgs for the 24v 3kw pre-modification and post-modification control units
Oil tank with modified breather pipe
Non-return valve with replaceable cartridge
Instructions for replacing the non-return valve
Test To make sure that the pressure relief valve is calibrated correctly
4525 - 4527 hydraulic circuit
4528 hydraulic circuit
Hydraulic Unit and Tank Removal
10. Wheels
Driving Wheel
Slick Tyre Driving Wheel Model (Optional)
Traction Wheel Replacement
Pivoting wheel unit
Complete pivoting wheel assembly (lateral view)
Complete pivoting wheel assembly (front view)
Wheel Assembly
Pivoting Wheel Removal
11. Lubrication
Oil and Grease Supply for the Standard Version
Oil and Grease Supply for the Cold-Storage Room Version
General Lubrication
Greasing of the fifth wheel of the reducer unit
Topping up of the hydraulic oil
Lubricant table
12. COMBI System
COMBI 200 + 300
Armature Pilot System Diagram
Field Pilot System Diagram
Pump Motor Pilot System Diagram
Energy Regeneration
COMBI: code 45353605000
Parameter setting
COMBI 200 + 300 Diagnostic
Description of the PARAMETER menu
Description of the TESTER menu
List of alarms
13. Impianto elettrico
Schema funzionale
14. Optionals
Tabella riassuntiva
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